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Title: Life in Technicolor
Overall Rating: M/NC-17
Rating This Chapter: T/PG-13
Disclaimer: Neither the show or the title song are mine.
Spoilers: Plotlines borrowed from all over the entire run of Grey's, so all 8 seasons to be safe
Overall Summary: A/U but still Grey's universe. Carefree, kick-ass surgeon Arizona Robbins' life is changed when she picks up a gorgeous Latina in a bar and goes home with her. At least, that's where it starts...
Chapter Summary: Teddy cleared her throat pointedly and the two retreated from each other. "Okay, I can feel that from over here, so I'm going to need you two to stop torturing the poor single woman, please."

Note: Finished my yard work (so tired!) so I decided to go ahead and post this since I'm really not sure how busy I'll be tomorrow (Super Bowl party, YAY!)

***** Chapter 4 *****

Callie woke up slowly, remembering where she was before she opened her eyes. It smelled like Arizona. She liked it. Her apartment mostly still smelled like cleaning supplies. Blonde hair was tousled, but Arizona didn't stir as Callie sat up and stretched. Her stomach growled and she slipped out from under the sheets, leaving Arizona sleeping in the bed.

Padding downstairs, Callie rooted through the fridge for breakfast. She found supplies, Arizona's fridge more stocked than her own was. Of course, if she spent all her time over here at Arizona's house, she'd never have an opportunity to shop for herself. And it would make the rent she was paying a waste, too. She'd been doing an admirable job of keeping the reality of her situation out of mind, but it only seemed to work when Arizona was around. Everything about the blonde made her feel better about the mess that had become her life.

She was scrambling eggs when someone entered the kitchen behind her. "What about going to the movies on Tuesday after breakfast?" she asked without turning. "Or did you have something in mind?"

Alex Karev joined her at the stove, peeking over her shoulder and sipping coffee. "We're going out now? I thought you were going out with Robbins…"

"I thought you were Arizona," Callie said, rolling her eyes. "You want some breakfast, Karev?"

"Sweet!" he crowed, snagging a piece of toast from a plate next to the stove. "Thanks! You're a keeper. If Arizona screws it up, any chance you…"

"Finish that sentence and you're with Stark for the rest of the week," Arizona threatened from the doorway, entering and crossing the kitchen. "Good morning," she greeted them. "You made breakfast?"

Nodding, Callie turned her head to kiss her quickly, handing a plate to Arizona. "Eggs and bacon and toast. You don't mind, do you? I found the stuff in the fridge."

"No, it's great! Thank you." Alex had his mouth full of toast and he reached around Arizona to pluck up some bacon for himself. "Okay, take it to the table, grabby hands!" Pushing the plate of bacon into his chest, she shooed him away from the stove. "How'd you sleep?" she asked, lowering her voice.

Callie smiled sideways, bumping her with an elbow. "Really good. Like a coma, good. Your bed is really comfy." Her voice dropped and she glanced over her shoulder to where Alex Karev was stuffing his face. "The company was great, too. Thank you for letting me stay."

"Oh, please, it was my pleasure." Arizona bobbed her eyebrows playfully.

"You should go get some food before your boy eats it all," Callie warned her, nodding toward the table. "I'll be right there with the eggs. You like scrambled eggs, don't you? I could do something else with them…"

"Scrambled is perfect, Calliope," Arizona interjected. "You didn't have to cook."

"You two make out already!" Alex grumbled from the table, his mouth full of bacon.

"One more word out of you and you're on Stark's service for the rest of the month." Arizona pointed at him sternly. "And stop eating all the food!"

Callie rolled her eyes at their familiar teasing, obviously a common occurrence between them. It made her wonder how Arizona and her brother got along with each other. Then she wondered if she'd ever get to meet Arizona's family. It was too soon to be thinking about that, though. She'd have to sort out her mess before she could take a step like that with Arizona. It wouldn't be fair to the blonde. And it wouldn't be fair to how she already knew she could feel about Arizona. It wasn't love, not yet, but she could feel how easily, how quickly, it could become something real. She resolved to call her lawyer again as soon as she had time.

"Calliope?" Arizona's voice snapped her back to the present and she realized that she'd been zoning out. "Are you okay?" She snaked a hand in to turn off the eye of the stove as the eggs in the pan started to steam harder.

Twitching in reaction, Callie shook her head. "Sorry! I'm sorry! I just… phased out for a second."

"Is everything okay?" Arizona asked, frowning lightly. "You look kind of…"

"It's nothing," interjected the brunette quickly. "Hey, would you want to go to the movies on Tuesday, maybe? After breakfast?"

The frown hadn't entirely faded, but the blonde's face relaxed slightly. "Sure. That would be great! And I'd love to show you around the city if you haven't had a tour yet."

"Perfect." Callie smiled and Alex audibly gagged from the table.


"That wasn't a word!" he protested before his boss could rebuke him. "I didn't say anything!"

"Pushing it," Arizona warned him. "Who are you sleeping with this week, anyway?"

He smirked as she took the seat across from him. "Don't worry, I know the rules. No one from Peds. She's a third year in Derm."

"Do you even know her name?" Arizona shot him a look, head shaking from side to side when he just shrugged. "Then you don't get to comment on who I'm seeing." Callie joined them at the table and set the plate of eggs in the center. Arizona smacked Alex's hand away from the serving spoon. "Especially not when she makes us breakfast," she reminded him pointedly. "Callie, please, go ahead." Alex glared good-naturedly at the blonde, huffing as he leaned back in his seat in a slouch. "Don't even pout at me. You know we never eat so good in the mornings."

"Because you don't cook breakfast! You just buy those Pop Tart things!"

"You're the one who eats them all!" Arizona countered. "And I let you live here! I don't have to cook for you, Alex! Just because I'm the woman in the house…"

Callie's quiet laugh interrupted them. "Do you two go back and forth like that all the time?" she asked curiously. "It's cute, really." Arizona and Alex exchanged looks and both grimaced simultaneously. "Or not?"

"You're new around here," Alex advised gruffly, but it was clear that he was fond of his mentor, even if he didn't wanted it pointed out. "You'll get used to it if you can stand sticking around Robbins that long." Arizona stomped on his foot under the table and he twitched in reaction.

"Hello?" Teddy's voice called from the front of the house.

"In the kitchen," Arizona raised her voice to call back. "Callie made breakfast!"

Teddy's eyebrows were raised as she turned the corner into the hall. "Callie is here," she said slowly, smiling in greeting. "Good morning, Callie."

The brunette nodded, feeling nervous for some reason. These were Arizona's friends, by all indications, her best friends. She didn't want them to think poorly of her. She didn't want Arizona to think poorly of her. The truth would need to come out, and sharing it herself rather than letting it come out some other way would be better. But this was still new, still fresh, and refreshing, and everything she'd been missing at home. She didn't want to risk giving it up yet. She wasn't ready. And nothing was finalized back in Florida. Except that she wasn't going back.


Arizona's soft question made her realize that she'd done it again, and Callie shook her head. "Sorry. Good morning, Teddy."

The other two exchanged confused looks, Arizona leaning in closer. "Hey…"

"I'm sorry, I just," she shook her head, "I think I'm getting a headache or something." She caught Arizona's wrist as the blonde immediately started to stand up. "It's okay."

A frown was creasing the other woman's forehead, and she pushed Callie's hand off. "Trust me, I've got a cure for that." Her hand held Callie into the chair, touch sliding across the back of her shoulders. "Just give me a second." Returning with a mug of steaming coffee, Arizona retook her seat while Teddy and Alex ribbed each other across the table. "Drink this. The caffeine will help. And there's ibuprofen if you want some."

She dutifully obeyed, sipping the coffee until Arizona's eyes shifted off of her. "Thank you."

"Are you guys working today?" Teddy asked politely.

"I'm going in at nine, so I've got to go," Alex said, standing up. "Torres, thanks for breakfast. I'm out!"

"Learn that girl's name!" Arizona ordered him as he ran off. "And check on the quarantine kids!"

"I'm on it, boss!"

Teddy shook her head, looking over her shoulder at his retreat. "He's got another new girl? You two are lucky there's no crossover in targets between you." She rolled her eyes. "Women of Seattle, beware."

Callie snorted a laugh and Arizona glared at her friend. "Alex can go after whoever he wants. I just want him to remember their names. I'm trying to help the female gender. He's a good guy - most of the time. I'm just helping." Blue eyes shot sideways at Callie. "And as for the other women of Seattle, I think I'm going to be pretty focused on one target." Callie's smile was genuine and it made Arizona's heart beat a bit faster. Whatever had distracted her seemed to have passed for the moment.

Dropping one hand below the table, Callie rubbed her palm over the blonde's knee. "Focused is good," she said softly.

Arizona leaned in to kiss her, ignoring Teddy's groan from the other side of the table. Callie sucking on her lip was unexpected with the audience, but not unwelcome by any means. "What are you doing to me?" she murmured against supple lips.

"I don't know," Callie whispered, knowing exactly what the blonde meant. This thing between them was strong, rising fast, and irrepressible as the tide.

Teddy cleared her throat pointedly and the two retreated from each other. "Okay, I can feel that from over here, so I'm going to need you two to stop torturing the poor single woman, please."

"Sorry," Arizona muttered. "What are you doing over here, anyway? You don't normally have time to visit your poor old best friend before work."

The heart surgeon rolled her eyes. "You're getting laid. I have no sympathy for you, Robbins."

"We just slept," insisted the blonde. "I made dinner, we watched TV, and Callie passed out in my bed."

"And in your clothes, apparently," Teddy noted, smirking.

"It was just sleep," Callie stated in agreement. "I was exhausted." She drained the last of her coffee. "And I've also got to be at work at nine and I have to go home and take a shower and change, so I've got to go."

Arizona stood up with her, but hesitated to touch her. Callie fixed that by leaning in and kissing her quickly. "I'll see you at work?"

"Of course." Callie nodded. "Teddy, good to see you."

"Yeah, you too," she agreed. "You going to join us for lunch or did we scare you off?"

Callie smiled, head bobbing again. "Sure. That will be great."

She gathered her clothes from upstairs, hearing Arizona and Teddy talking in the kitchen as she left through the front door, the glass rattling lightly in the frame of the windowed door. The first breath of morning air was refreshing and helped resettle her. She felt guilty about hiding the truth from Arizona, but it was entirely too soon to share that part of her life with anyone. And Arizona made her feel good, better than she'd felt in more than a year.

All she could do is keep on her lawyer to get things wrapped up in Miami, then she would tell Arizona everything, come clean.

The next time she was on Arizona's porch, it was to pick her up on Tuesday for their breakfast date. She knocked politely on the door and could hear the blonde scrambling down the stairs. "Good morning," Callie greeted her as the door was thrown open, Arizona throwing herself into Callie's arms so the Latina had to catch her. The kiss was as sudden as the jumping, but no less welcome. Arms tight around her back, Callie kept her pressed against herself while they kissed, deep and slow.

"Good morning!" Arizona echoed cheerfully as Callie set her back on her feet after a few long, slow, deeply pleasurable moments.

"You ready to go?"

Arizona kissed her cheek with a loud smacking sound. "Absolutely. Let's go!" She took Callie's hand as they walked toward the driveway, swinging them in between the two of them. "Whoa." She stopped when she saw Callie's car. "This is yours? It's awesome!" She hopped excitedly. "I saw it in the parking lot your first day but I didn't know it was your first day!" Dragging Callie forward, she circled the car eagerly, inspecting it.

The keys jingled as Callie pulled them out of her pocket. "Well, here," she offered, handing the keys to Arizona. "You're driving." Arizona gaped at her in surprise, jaw dropping. Callie shrugged, pleased with the reaction. "I pretty much only know how to get here and the hospital. So if we're touring the city, you're driving. If you want, of course."

Arizona snatched the keys. "Oh, I want!" she declared. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"So you're a car fan," Callie mused, smirk on her lips. "Good to know."

"Tim trained me," explained Arizona, still admiring the classic car. "Where'd you get it from? The car love?"

Shrugging, Callie released her hand to go get into her seat. "I just always thought the classics were pretty. And this is pretty much my dream car." She stroked a hand over the passenger side fender fondly as she moved toward the door. Arizona darted quickly to get it for her, a cheeky grin on her face.

"My lady," she offered politely. "You're really going to let me drive your car?" She asked the question even as she shut the passenger door behind Callie.

Callie nodded. "Sure. You can drive stick, right?"

"Yep! My dad taught me! He said I should be able to drive anything. Just in case." Callie gave her an amused look and the blonde shrugged. "He's a Marine. He wants me always be over prepared." She ran quickly around the front of the vehicle to get behind the wheel, dropping her bag in the backseat. "Can we keep the top down?"

"Sure," Callie agreed. "And how do you over prepare for a tour of the city?"

Arizona looked across the car at her and winked. "I have an unbelievable amount of snacks in my purse. And triple-A." She laughed. "My dad renews my membership every year for Christmas."

"Wow," Callie joined in the laughter. "I guess that is how you over prepare for driving all day. If it helps at all, I've got a blanket in the trunk." She only realized how that sounded when Arizona bobbed her eyebrows at her teasingly. "My sister used to drive it to the beach. I made her cover the seats to keep sand out of my upholstery."

"Sure, Calliope. I'm sure what that's what it's for," Arizona sarcastically agreed. "I'm sure I can find a way to make it useful." It was Callie's turn to raise an eyebrow at her. "Hey! I'm a lady! And I treat my dates like ladies too! I just happen to know where there's a beautiful view overlooking the city. If we're still out after dark, we could go." Her teasing smile gentled, becoming sweet and tentative. "Or we could go some other time."

Callie's hand touched hers and Arizona felt her throat dry as the Latina smiled at her. "We can go tonight. The weather looks like it might even cooperate. And if it does drizzle, we could get under the blanket."

"Great," Arizona said hoarsely, swallowing hard. "Shall we, then?"

Laughing, Callie withdrew her hand. "Sure."

Arizona started the engine and let out a squeal of excitement. "I love this car!"

Breakfast, touring, and some regular, old-fashioned tourism, including Callie's first visit to the Space Needle, ate up the day. The sun was setting as Arizona guided the car out of the city and off the paved road entirely.

"You're not taking me out to the woods to ditch me and steal my car, are you?" Callie questioned as she looked around at the trees on either side of the narrow dirt path they were following.

"No," Arizona laughed. "This is Derek and Meredith's land. He built them a house up here. The view is incredible."

"And do all the doctors from the hospital bring their dates up here?"

Arizona grinned at her in the dark. "The smart ones. Shepherd doesn't mind as long as he doesn't see anything."

"So we're going to the Seattle Grace make out spot?"

"We're going to a hill overlooking the city with a gorgeous view," Arizona corrected her. She pulled the parking brake and turned the car off. "See?"

Callie couldn't argue. The night lights of the city were spread out below them and the blanket of stars above them was beautiful. "Wow…"

"I know," Arizona agreed quietly. She looked over when Callie's door creaked as she opened it. "Where are you going?"

Reaching over, Callie took the keys out of the ignition and rounded the car to open the trunk. Arizona realized what she was doing when the brunette spread the blanket she retrieved across the hood and windshield. "Come on," she coaxed, climbing onto the car and leaning back against the windshield.

Arizona put a foot on the tire to hoist herself up, settling beside her on the blanket. Callie's arm curled around her shoulder and drew her head to rest beside her own. There was quiet as they both admired the view and the peaceful quiet. The moon was full as it rose, but was obscured with clouds as it got higher in the night sky.

Arizona was the one to eventually break the silence, familiar with the change in pressure that signaled an incoming rain. "We should get back inside," she whispered, not sure if Callie was even awake to hear her. "It's going to rain." Callie didn't answer, just shifted to let Arizona moved if she wanted. "Fine, but I'm at least going to put the top up before it gets soaked." She slipped off the car carefully, making sure she didn't scuff the paint with her shoes. The brunette didn't move as Arizona lifted the car's ragtop and locked it back into place. It was just in time as the rain started to fall, sprinkle giving way to a hard, heavy downpour in only a few minutes. "Calliope!"

She didn't move, just tilted her face back into the rain and laughed. "I love it!" she called back. Arizona was standing at the passenger door, shoulders hunched and head ducked as though it could keep her dry at all in the pounding rain. Callie sat up, grinning at her. "Come on!"

"What?" Arizona laughed. "It's pouring! We're going to get soaked!"

"So what?" Callie slid off the car and caught the blonde's hips between her hands. "You don't like the rain?" Her hair was starting to drip but her eyes were shining and Arizona wasn't sure she'd ever seen anything so beautiful in her life as a soaking wet Calliope Torres in the middle of the night in the rain.

"No," answered Arizona distractedly, cocking her head. "I like the rain. I like the rain a lot." An involuntary shiver slid down her spine as the cold water soaked into her clothes. "You're kind of crazy," she said, having to raise her voice to be heard over the loud, heavy downpour.

Callie shrugged, still grinning. "But you're out here with me, so what does that mean for you?"

Arizona's dimples popped as she returned the grin. Both hands curled through thick dark hair, pulling Callie into a kiss as she unconsciously pressed the Latina against her car while she kissed her thoroughly. "It means that I appreciate what a wet shirt does for your chest." Callie threw her head back to laugh and Arizona pushed in closer, hands bunching in Callie's hair. "And this rain is cold, which is just a bonus," she added, gratified when it brought Callie's arms around her back, the brunette kissing her again.

The passion simmered under the surface, but the kiss was languid and slow, a deep exploration that neither felt the need to rush. This kiss made it feel as though they'd have the rest of their lives to kiss just like this.

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