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Title: Life in Technicolor
Overall Rating: M/NC-17
Rating This Chapter: T/PG-13
Disclaimer: Neither the show or the title song are mine.
Spoilers: Plotlines borrowed from all over the entire run of Grey's, so all 8 seasons to be safe
Overall Summary: A/U but still Grey's universe. Carefree, kick-ass surgeon Arizona Robbins' life is changed when she picks up a gorgeous Latina in a bar and goes home with her. At least, that's where it starts...
Chapter Summary: Callie's eyebrows rose, smirking smile on her lips. "Two nights in a row and three nights in one week? Wow…"

Note: See, when I say a day or two, I mean a day or two... :D  Enjoy part 2!  AU Grey's tonight!  YAY!

***** Chapter 3 cont. *****

Leaving the cafeteria, they reached the hall, a pale hand pulling Callie along by the sleeve of her lab coat. Two fingers pushed the call button for the elevator and the doors opened immediately.

They stepped in calmly, Arizona gritting her teeth as a short African-American woman called out for someone to hold the doors. Callie did it without thought, shrugging apologetically when Arizona sent her a frustrated look.

"Dr. Robbins, good afternoon," the new arrival said calmly, not noticing or else ignoring the lingering tension in the air.

"Hi, Dr. Bailey. Miranda, have you met the new Ortho attending? Callie Torres, Miranda Bailey," Arizona introduced them, her tone relaxing somewhat. "Bailey's the best General surgeon in the hospital." And she was a good friend. A year ahead of Arizona in residency, Miranda Bailey had been chief resident and there was little doubt that she would be Chief of Surgery as soon as the job became available. Stern on the outside, she was tough on her students and kind to her patients, determined to turn her interns and residents into the best doctors they could be. She was a feared teacher, but anyone who could survive would have an unrivaled education.

"Nice to meet you." Callie offered a hand to shake, nodding to the other doctor.

"You too," Bailey returned, eyes surveying the pair. "Dr. Robbins, I've got a case in the pit I could use you on."

Arizona's brow furrowed and she checked the pager clipped to the inside of her coat pocket. "Did you page? Because I didn't get it…"

"Not an urgent case," Bailey assured her. "Pox outbreak at a local day care. There's only one case so far, but the school called. There could be some infant cases and you know how the parents get. And I know it's not surgical, but Peds has the best quarantine set up so the Chief wants to keep them up there."

The blonde sighed. "So we'll need to set it up for the ones that come in." She gazed sideways at her friend. "Did you page Stark?"

Bailey scoffed lightly, eyes rolling. "Please. If I'm calling anyone for help, it's going to be someone who will actually help," she declared. "I have interns for whining that I'm wasting their time."

"Did you get in touch with Alex?" Arizona asked, smirking. She wasn't the only person that Dr. Stark drove crazy.

She nodded, chin length dark hair bobbing as her head moved. "He's on his way down now. Grey should be coming with him."

"Good. Thank you, Bailey," Arizona voiced her approval of the plan. "You heading down now?" Her fingers hovered over the button that would carry them down to the ER floor. Bailey nodded again and Arizona pushed the button, taking a step back to stand in between Callie and Miranda. She sent Callie an apologetic look, but the brunette just shrugged, smiling.

The elevator doors slid closed and they started moving, Arizona lifting one finger to signal Bailey that she'd be a moment behind her when they reached their destination. "Calliope, I…"

Callie glanced around quickly. No one was looking at them in the bustle and she interrupted Arizona's attempted explanation to kiss her. It was brief and chaste and unless they'd been looking straight at them, no one could have seen it. Arizona's shock was clear, however. "Better?" Callie asked, laughing.

"No!" Arizona groaned through gritted teeth. "Now I want to kiss you again!"

"But you have to go help little kids," Callie reminded her. "I'll see you around, okay?"

"See me around Joe's tonight?"

Callie's eyebrows rose, smirking smile on her lips. "Two nights in a row and three nights in one week? Wow…"

Arizona continued quickly, "We won't go home together. We'll just get a drink, talk, that's all."

"And what if we want to go home together?" It was a fair question. Even standing in the hallway of the hospital, Callie could see the interest, the lust in her eyes. Arizona bit her lip, hesitant, and Callie shook her head in reprieve. "We won't have sex, Arizona. We could just watch a movie, talk. I promise I'll send myself home by midnight."

"Why don't we skip Joe's then?" Arizona suggested. "You could just come over after work."

"I don't get off until after you do. How about I call you when I'm leaving?"

"Perfect." Arizona's dimples reappeared as she smiled. Callie was surprised but pleased when the blonde sidestepped in front of her and grabbed both sides of her lab coat, using the lapels to pull her into another kiss. It was longer than the first, but still not what either of them wanted. It would do until later, though. She stepped backward with a sigh. "Okay, I'm going to," she pointed over her shoulder toward the curtained beds, "go now."

Callie nodded, able to feel her lips tingling from Arizona's absence. "Later."

Aside from a few fleeting glimpses around the hospital they didn't see each other again until Callie was knocking on the front door of the blonde's house. As soon as Arizona opened the door, Callie was greeted by the scent of food and she slumped against the doorframe gratefully.

"Hungry?" Arizona cheerfully asked.

"God, yes. There was a MVA with a semi and four other cars and the pit was swamped with broken bones. I'm starving!" It was almost ten and she hadn't eaten since lunch. "But why are you cooking in the middle of the night?"

Arizona shrugged, one hand curling around a wrist to pull Callie inside the house. "I thought you might be hungry. I heard about the accident."

"How are the chicken pox kids?" Callie asked, taking the wineglass Arizona handed her.

A grimace cross the blonde's face. "Miserable and itchy. The babies are the worst. They all have really high fevers and they can't stop crying."

"Poor babies," murmured Callie sympathetically, sipping her wine. "What are you making? It smells amazing."

"Oh, it was just something simple. Chicken and some rice. You're not vegetarian or something, are you?" she asked as it occurred to her.

Callie snorted, eyes rolling. "Do I look like a vegetarian, Arizona?"

"Just checking!" Arizona put a hand up defensively.

"There was pepperoni on our pizza the other night," she reminded her, smirking against the lip of the wine glass.

Arizona blushed, ducking her head. "Oh yeah… I remember more about the sex than the pizza, Calliope."

Callie's smirk was pleased and proud. "Well, that's good to hear."

Tugging her along into the kitchen, Arizona only released her to serve up some of the food for her. "We could eat in here, or on the couch, wherever you want."

"Couch," requested Callie, nodding toward the living room. "I just want to veg out if that's okay."

"That's perfect." Arizona handed her a plate and led the way into the other room, flopping herself down onto the sofa. "D'you mind if I watch some TV?"

"Of course not. It's your house." Callie took a seat on the other side of the couch and gratefully dug into her food. "Arizona, thank you," she sighed. "This is just what I needed tonight."

Arizona grinned across the couch at her, tucking her legs up beside herself and settling into the corner of the sofa. "Good. I'm glad to hear that."

There was quiet as Callie ate hungrily, her eyes drawn helplessly to Arizona. The blonde was already wearing pajamas, which, in spite of spending two nights together, was a look she'd never seen on her. A thin, snug white tank top left the top of her chest and the smooth length of her arms bare. Long red flannel patterned pants covered the blonde's perfect legs. In short, she looked perfectly delicious. But they'd declared that they weren't going to sleep together tonight.

So when she finished her dinner, Callie stayed dutifully on her own half of the couch. She covered a yawn and blinked at the television. Now that she wasn't focused on eating, the exhaustion was replacing the hunger. She leaned forward to put the empty plate on the coffee table and sighed as she leaned back into her spot.

"Hey," Arizona called softly, stretching her legs out toward Callie and nudging her hip. Tired brown eyes found hers. "Come here," she coaxed in a quiet voice, opening her arms in invitation.

"What about-?"

Arizona's smile was affectionate. "You're sleepy and you're too far away. Just come here, please," requested the blonde, wiggling her fingers to draw Callie in. "Please? Let me hold you."

Without a protest, not even wanting to make one, Callie stretched out slowly. Arizona positioned a pillow for her next to her own arm, the blonde on her side and pressed against the back of the couch with her head leaned up on an elbow. Her free hand slid through dark hair as Callie settled into her spot, combing it behind her ear and back from her face. Callie's hand that wasn't curled under her head reached back blindly for Arizona, touch finding her hip. "Closer," she murmured without opening her eyes. "You're all scrunched up."

"I'm fine," Arizona whispered, amused. "You just relax." To appease her, she let her body settle against Callie's back, the brunette's hand remaining on her hip and rubbing lightly over her butt.

"I'm not going home tonight, am I?" Callie questioned, cracking one eye open to look up at Arizona.

"Definitely not," the blonde agreed, leaning down to kiss her temple. "You're exhausted." Another kiss, on her cheek the second time. "It wouldn't be safe for you to drive. And you're the Ortho specialist. You couldn't fix yourself if you got in an accident." She shook her head, nose nudging against a tanned neck as she trailed her kisses down. "Too risky. I'm not letting you go."

A sleepy smile grew on Callie's lips and she relaxed on the sofa. "Well, if I have to stay, I have to." She turned her head to look up at her. "Whenever you want to go to bed, I'm good here."

Arizona laughed, kissing her lips softly. "Don't be ridiculous. I've got plenty of extra room if you don't want to stay with me, but you're not sleeping on the couch."

"Why do you have such a big house, anyway?" Callie asked curiously, voice heavy with sleep. "It's just you here, right?"

"Cristina, Meredith, and Alex have all lived here with me at some point, but Cristina and Meredith both got married so they've moved out," Arizona explained.

Callie's eyes blinked open more fully. "So Alex still lives here?"

"Sometimes," Arizona laughed. "When he's not hooking up with someone." She trailed a finger across Callie's face, the contact drawing her eyes to close again. "He's in his fifth year. He stays busy. This is basically a place to crash."

"Did you guys get the house to share?" Callie asked conversationally.

"No. It's technically my parent's house."

"So your parents live here too?" She couldn't help yawning, covering her mouth with one hand.

"No," answered Arizona patiently, amused by the questioning when it was clear that Callie was flirting with the edge of sleep. "My dad was in the Marines for forty years. Even retired, they move around every eighteen months or so. It drives my mom crazy, but she loves him." Her hand slid down Callie's arm and curled across her middle. "But it makes it easier for them to visit me and my brother if they have places to stay in the cities where we live. We each live in them and they stay with us when they visit."

"You have a brother? Older or younger?"

"Older, but only by a year," Arizona supplied. "His name is Timothy. He's a Marine, like Dad. What about you? Any siblings?"

"Sister, younger by three years. Name's Aria."

Arizona smiled. "Your parents gave their daughters beautiful names, Calliope."

Callie's mouth pulled at the corners but she didn't open her eyes again. "My mom's big into poetry and stuff." She sighed as she turned her head into Arizona's shoulder. "And you don't know my middle name. It's horrific."

"I look forward to finding out what it is, but for now you should go to sleep," whispered Arizona, kissing just above Callie's ear. "My middle name's Marie, for the record."

"I won't forget that even though I'm half-asleep," Callie promised. "I'm not telling mine. Never. Not even if I'm wasted, so don't try getting me drunk."

Laughing, Arizona curled her arm under Callie's neck. "Come on," she said quietly. "You're going to pass out. Let's get upstairs before you get too comfy."

"Okay, but I want to sleep with you," requested Callie. "You're good to sleep with."

Arizona was chuckling as she gently coaxed Callie to sit up, pulling the brunette's arm around her shoulders. "Thank you. You are too. Now, lean on me, okay?" She led Callie to the stairs, arm curled around the brunette's waist. Callie shuffled up the stairs and down the hall to Arizona's bedroom, groaning when the blonde wouldn't let her just flop into bed.

"You need pjs," she said, both hands on her shoulders to steady her. "Can you stay on your feet?"

One brown eye cracked open. "I'm not incompetent. I'm just sleepy."

Arizona's eyes widened as Callie pulled her t-shirt over her head without a second of hesitation. "Oh God." She swallowed hard, her throat suddenly dry as a bone. No one was this sexy, were they? It was just not possible that one person could be so damn sexy. She spun quickly when Callie reached behind her for the clasp of her bra. If they weren't having sex tonight, she couldn't see any more. And Callie was too tired for sex. Sleeping, just sleeping, would be enough for tonight.

"Here." She held her soft, gray, much washed USMC t-shirt blindly out behind her. It had been inherited from her brother, so it was huge on her and she had a sneaking suspicion that it would look divine on Callie. "Do you want some shorts?"

"That would be great," came the answer from behind her. "Thank you."

She turned as she handed over the short shorts, selfishly picking a pair that she knew would highlight Callie's spectacular ass. She comforted herself with the reminder that they were also her most comfortable pair of shorts. She was being sweet, really. And the sight of Callie in her favorite t-shirt was her reward for being such a saint. And sainthood was what she qualified for since she was going to keep hands off of Callie all night. Her shirt hit the Latina right above mid-thigh, leaving the positive miles of her legs bare and begging to be touched.

Callie's smile seemed to suggest that she could read Arizona's thoughts as she pulled on the shorts and leaned over to pick up her discarded clothes. Arizona took them from her, setting them aside on the chair against the wall. "There, pajamas are on. Can I get in the bed now?"

"Sure, sweetie." The pet name slipped out without thought, but Callie either didn't notice or didn't mind it because she didn't protest. She slid underneath the blankets and moved into the middle of the mattress. Arizona clicked the lights off and the room was only lit with moonlight slated through the blinds on the windows. Sliding in beside Callie, Arizona was immediately pulled into the brunette's arms, plush lips dropping a kiss on her shoulder and sighing. "Good night, Calliope."

[part 4 here]
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