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Title: Life in Technicolor
Overall Rating: M/NC-17
Rating This Chapter: T/PG-13
Disclaimer: Neither the show or the title song are mine.
Spoilers: Plotlines borrowed from all over the entire run of Grey's, so all 8 seasons to be safe
Overall Summary: A/U but still Grey's universe. Carefree, kick-ass surgeon Arizona Robbins' life is changed when she picks up a gorgeous Latina in a bar and goes home with her. At least, that's where it starts...
Chapter Summary: And who knew who she might run into in this place. There was one perky blonde surgeon she knew she wouldn't mind running into. Not that she was looking for her. Or fixing her hair on the off-chance that Arizona showed up. Nope. She definitely wasn't doing that.

***** Chapter 2 *****

By the time she was walking into Joe's Friday night, Callie was exhausted. She and Arizona hasn't passed out until after three (God, but that woman was energetic) and the hangover had meant she was dragging most of her first day. Finishing up her paperwork and a fresh caseload had burned up the last two days of the week. And Friday a dozen consults and reducing multiple hip dislocations had filled up a thoroughly tiring day.

She eyed the bar for a heartbeat before she bypassed it and went straight for the bathroom. The perpetual humidity and drizzle of her new habitat was wreaking havoc on her hair. And who knew who she might run into in this place. It seemed to be a popular hangout for the doctors from the hospital. There was one perky blonde surgeon she knew she wouldn't mind running into. Not that she was looking for her. Or fixing her hair on the off-chance that Arizona showed up. Nope. She definitely wasn't doing that.

Before she could reach the short hallway, she was stopped by a tall bearded man, graying hair not diminishing his undeniable attractiveness. The problem was the smug grin he wore that told her he knew exactly how hot he was and expected a response to it. It was immediately unappealing.

"I don't think I've seen you around here before," he commented. "I'm Mark Sloan. Head of Plastics."

Callie smirked. "Callie Torres, new Ortho attending. And I was actually here the other night. You must not have been paying attention."

He shook his head, smile not slipping. "I would have noticed a woman who looks like you."

She shrugged, still smirking. "You must not be as observant as you think you are because I was here." A laugh escaped. "And with as drunk as we were, I'd guess we got pretty loud." With that, she edged around him and continued toward the bathroom, smiling to herself in triumph. It was obvious that that guy had been aiming to get in her pants, and without the smugness she might have considered, but the memory of Arizona was still fresh and she couldn't find it in herself to be attracted to the new prospect.

The bathroom door was only closed for a few moments before it was swinging open again to allow Arizona Robbins entrance. "Hey." She bit her lip, scuffing the toe of her sneaker against the tile floor and looking completely adorable in a casual gray v-neck t-shirt and dark jeans over a pair of red Converse. Callie had to hold back a wanton moan at the sight of her. She looked positively delicious. "I saw Mark Sloan talking to you out there…"

Callie gave her a look in the bathroom mirror she was using to fix her hair. "Was I supposed to tell him I was meeting someone? Because I never heard back from you about tonight."

Arizona's expression slacked for a heartbeat before it tightened. "You're going out with Mark? Calliope…"

"No," the brunette interjected, thinking about rebuking Arizona for continuing to use her full name. Before she could speak though, she decided suddenly that she liked the sound of it on her lips. "I'm not going out with anyone." She finished what repairs she could make on her hair and turned, leaning her hips back against the edge of the sink, arms crossing her chest. "I know I'm new in town, but I thought I got pretty lucky the other night," they both smirked at the joke, "I met someone kind of amazing my first night in Seattle and I asked her out for tonight but she never said yes." She slumped her shoulders melodramatically, only exaggerating, not faking, her disappointment. "So I'm going to drink alone and go back to my apartment. I've got some unpacking left to do."

Arizona bit her lip, moving forward slowly. Callie didn't move, just waited with a knowing smirk on her lips. Pale hands on the sink boxed her in, the heat of Arizona's body radiating in the rapidly narrowing space between them. "How about we get a bottle of whatever you'd like and I'll help you unpack?" she suggested, lowering her voice unconsciously as she drew nearer. "I'm very type A. That's a handy trait to have around while unpacking."

Callie smiled, one hand reaching up to stroke two fingers through blonde curls and tucking a few stray pieces behind her ear. "You make it sound so tempting," she whispered.

"Hey, liquor was part of the offer too, remember?" Arizona reminded her, chuckling. Her head unconsciously leaned into the touch.

There was a hairsbreadth between their lips, both of them drawn in helplessly. "Do you really think we need it?" Callie breathed, Arizona capturing her lips in answer. It was a fair question. First kisses didn't feel like this, in her experience. Technically, it wasn't a first kiss, but sloppy, drunken passion wasn't this.

This was electric, and raw, and lit something inside of her on fire.

They sure as hell didn't need any liquor.

Arizona let her go gradually, the kiss surprisingly brief and chaste for what they could both feel. "Should we get out of here?" she questioned in a soft voice.

Callie smiled. "I'm good with that." She started to push the blonde back, but Arizona's hands on her shoulders stopped her. "What? Did I-?"

"One thing," Arizona said, hesitating. "What is this? I mean, is it just sex, or…"

Brown eyes blinked in surprise. "What?" she asked again, laughing as she spoke. "Was it not you who hit on me the other night?" She grinned. "And did you not kick me out that morning?" Arizona's mouth pulled at the corners and she chewed on her bottom lip. "And when I asked you out the next morning at work, I believe you were the one who didn't answer me."

"You can't put that one on me!" cried Arizona, snagging gratefully to her one opportunity to have the upper hand. "You suggested we recreate that night. So I want to know if that night was just sex, or if…"

Callie interrupted her with a kiss, both hands holding the blonde's face and pulling on her bottom lip with her own lips. Arizona adapted admirably, the pleasurable pressure of Callie's mouth on hers overwhelming her. The sex had been amazing, but if that was all there was to this, she was going to drink the entire bar because the kissing was freaking fantastic too. She was suddenly feeling very selfish. She wanted more than just hot, hot, oh so hot sex with Callie.

"Let me take you to dinner," Callie breathed, tearing her mouth away as they both tried to catch their breath. "If we have sex after, great. If we don't, that sucks, but I'll keep trying."

"Trying to have sex with me?" Arizona teased, relaxing. "After I hypothetically said no? Really Calliope?" Her teasing smirk was delightful.

Callie corrected her, "Trying to take you out, moron." She rolled her eyes. "Even though you already know I'm amazing so there's really no good reason to turn me down. We're both attendings, so there's no rank issues at work. We're in different departments. And we can be professional in the hospital."

"Someone's being a little presumptuous, don't you think?" Arizona questioned with a dimpled smile. "What if the date doesn't go well? It could be awkward and we'd feel obligated to hide from each other. There're lots of floors, lots of places to hide."

Callie's head shook from side to side in denial. "I guess it could, but I kind of doubt it." She kissed Arizona again, tongue slipping forward to ask for entrance. The Peds surgeon let her in, her own tongue pressing back against hers eagerly. The taste of her was captivating, addicting, and she wanted more of it. She wanted all of it.

Arizona looked dazed when the kiss ended, drawing back and swallowing hard. "So far, so good," she acknowledged breathlessly. "You said something about dinner, I think…"

Callie nodded, smiling. "Shall we, then?"

Arizona's blonde curls were mussed in a perfectly sexy way as they exited the restroom and Callie felt a burst of pride. It only grew when she caught Mark Sloan's eye, the tall man turning on his stool to track them as they left the bar together, his mouth hanging open.

"So, where to?" Arizona asked, head ducking as they emerged back into the light drizzle that seemed to constantly coat Seattle. She pulled her jacket over her shoulders and slid her arms into the sleeves.

Callie laughed, one hand shielding her eyes from the rain. "I moved to town the other day. I don't know anywhere around here. You pick."

"Well, where's your apartment? That should narrow down a neighborhood at least."

Laughing again, Callie pointed down the block. "Over there."

"What, down that way?"

"No, that big brick one down the block. I'm on the fifth floor."

Comically, blue eyes widened. "Really? You live across the street from the hospital? Well, if you just want to go home…"

"I asked you to dinner, Arizona," Callie interrupted her rambling to remind her. "I'd offer to cook for you but my pots and pans are still boxed up somewhere in the mess and I'm too hungry to look for them tonight."

Arizona took her wrist and tugged her in that direction. "If you live right there we could just order pizza. Or stop by a convenience store and pick up stuff for sandwiches."

Callie laughed, eyebrows rising as she let herself be pulled along. "Now who's being presumptuous? If you want to come home with me, you can just say it. No need for the attempt at subtlety, Arizona." The blonde sent her a look over her shoulder and started to steer them toward the convenience store. "Oh, actually, can we call for a pizza? My treat. I don't really love sandwiches."

"Perfect. Me neither." Arizona shifted her grip to hold Callie's hand, the other hand digging her phone out of her purse. "Hi, I'd like an order for delivery."

Callie signaled her apartment number with her free hand as they entered the building, Arizona nodding toward the stairs. Callie felt a hand slap lightly against her butt and she sent the grinning Arizona a surprised but pleased look. "Excuse me?" she whispered, smirking.

"You've got a great ass, Calliope," Arizona sent back, shrugging unapologetically. "I can't help myself."

"You better not still be on the phone. If I get stalked by a pizza guy, I'm going to be so pissed," Callie stated warningly.

Arizona laughed, sliding the phone into the back pocket of her jeans. "Don't worry. You can hide out at my house. I'll keep the stalkers away."

They exchanged grins and both unconsciously picked up their pace up the stairs, eager to get to the fifth floor. "Now, you'll just have to pardon the mess. I've pretty much only even started to unpack the bedroom."

"I'd be happy to help you with that," Arizona countered, bobbing her eyebrows facetiously.

Callie shot her a knowing smirk as she unlocked the door, feeling Arizona's hand slip into the back pocket of her jeans. "You really can't help yourself, can you?"

Arizona shook her head, other arm curling around Callie's waist from behind. "I spent a few minutes admiring it the other morning too. I was late to work, you know." She scoffed. "And scoping a hot girl's ass is not an excuse that my boss would accept."

Callie laughed, drawing the blonde into the apartment with her. "Are you sure? Maybe he'd have been jealous."

Arizona leaned in to kiss the side of her neck, joining the Latina in laughing. "Stark pictures your ass and it's the last thought he'll ever have." Possessive Arizona was kind of cute, Callie decided silently. And she didn't really mind Arizona being protective of her butt. It was more hot than cute, though. "Although, he would die very happy. I mean, probably the happiest that bitter little toad has ever been."

"So, you're either a fan of my butt or you're really not a fan of your boss," teased Callie.

"Oh, it's both," Arizona affirmed earnestly, face dropping against a tanned neck to kiss her again, gratified when the move earned her a moan from Callie. Her lips moved to her ear. "I'm a fan of everything you've got," she whispered.

Callie reached behind her, hooking a hand in the blonde's belt and hauling her bodily around so they were face to face, wrapping the blonde up in her arms. "Keep talking like that in my ear and you're the only thing that's going to get done around here," she gruffly warned her.

Arizona's smirk was pleased, proud. "You promise?" Callie's expression was more than promising and she hummed in satisfaction. "I can be good if you can, Calliope." Blue eyes danced around the room crowded with boxes, only about half even opened. "And you really do need some help in here."

Callie sighed, reluctantly loosening her grip on Arizona. "I did promise you dinner and the possibility of turning me down for sex."

"So if my pants come off before the pizza even gets here, what does that make me?" Arizona teasingly wondered, bobbing her eyebrows.

"Sexy," answered Callie simply, grinning as she let the blonde go.

Arizona hauled her back in for a kiss, smiling against her lips. "And, for the record, turning you down? So not going to happen, Calliope." She hopped on her toes excitedly. "But let's get started on some of these boxes so we don't get interrupted by the pizza man with our pants off." She turned, smirking over her shoulder. "When I get you naked again, I want to take my time."

Callie let her head rock back on her neck, sighing and praying for restraint. One night of lustful passion and the barest minimum of what could be constituted as a date, and she couldn't keep herself in control around Arizona. Whatever the hell was going on with her though, she couldn't say she minded it. It had been a long time since she'd felt like this about anyone, especially someone she'd just met. She brutally repressed memories of what she'd left behind in Miami. One night and day and she knew that she'd made the right decision leaving Florida.

"So, where should we start? Anywhere in particular?"

Arizona's voice snapped her back to the present and Callie shrugged. "I think most of the kitchen boxes are in the kitchen," she offered.

Blue eyes rolled and Arizona dragged a hand across the top of Callie's chest as she crossed the room in front of her, catching her hand and pulling her along. "You're a wealth of information. Really, so helpful." She released Callie to slice the tape on the top box of a stack standing next to the sink. "So if I open this one I might find pots and pans?"

"Or possibly underwear," Callie commented, distracted riffling through an open box on the counter. "I wasn't really diligent with the labeling, as you can see," Callie hedged, shrugging and digging out a coffeemaker. "See? This one is kitchen stuff."

"Well, here's hoping this one's underwear!" Arizona's face fell comically when she opened the box to find bubble wrapped plates. "Shoot! So the underwear boxes might be where, exactly? The living room, the bedroom? I'm happy to look wherever." She sent Callie a cheerful blue-eyed wink.

The Latina answered her with a smirk. "Very dedicated of you." Anything further was delayed by a knock on the door. "I hope you're hungry." Stepping backward toward the door, she felt a shiver slide down her spine at the look Arizona sent her in response.

"I really am," the blonde said hoarsely. Clearing her throat, she laughed when Callie shook her ass at her as she leaned over to pick up her purse.

They ate their pizza straight from the box, unpacking and chatting while they ate. Callie was from Miami, born and raised, Arizona was from a military family and had lived all over the country. Callie enjoyed reading in her downtime while Arizona had a fondness for video games inherited from her kids at work. They both enjoyed drinking and dancing. Callie was a dedicated football fan, Arizona didn't watch sports. In one of her boxes Arizona found a radio alarm clock and tuned it to a local station that played a mix of everything, letting it serenade them while they worked.

When a song with a good beat started, Callie couldn't resist dancing as she sorted through a box of china. Arizona was standing barefooted on the counter, waiting for Callie to hand her up the plates and glasses so she could put them away on the top shelf. They'd been working for a few hours and had almost finished the kitchen but there were still boxes everywhere. Watching Callie shuffle from heel to toe and shimmy while she pulled plates out, she couldn't help the dimples appearing on her cheeks. "You're beautiful," she said when Callie finally noticed her watching.

The brunette handed up a short stack of plates, not stopping her dancing. "The view from down here is pretty great too." She offered a hand. "That's the last of the plates. Ready to come down?" Callie's arm caught her and she slid down the Latina's body, the tile of the floor cold on her toes.

"Hey," Arizona whispered as soon as they were face to face.

Callie echoed her greeting. "Thanks for all the help. This has to be the lamest first date ever, huh? I promise I can do better if you give me another shot."

Arizona's arms curled around Callie's shoulders, fingers playing with the back of her hair. "You don't need another shot." She nudged her nose against Callie's, tilting her head to kiss her softly. "You're doing great with this one."

Their lips reconnected and Callie tightened her arms around the blonde's waist, hauling her body in tighter against her own. Arizona's fingers curled into dark hair, holding her head close as she let her bottom jaw drop, Callie's tongue immediately taking up the invitation. The kiss grew passionate and hands wandered as they fell further into each other. A few short days and she was completely crazy for this woman. Callie gripped a tight butt in both hands and Arizona responded by hopping up into the grip and wrapping her legs around the Latina's waist.

The kiss broke as Arizona tore her lips away, both of them breathing hard. "What?" Callie questioned, squeezing the thighs in her grip as she supported the blonde. "What's wrong?"

Arizona smiled breathlessly, shaking her head. "I think we're done in here." It was a joke. The kitchen was in decent shape, but the living room was still a maze of mostly packed boxes. Callie nodded agreement anyway. "Should we see what we can do in the bedroom?"

[part 3 here]

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