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Title: Something to Talk About pt XXI
Rating: PG/PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue...
Summary: Jack gets a strange inheritance from his mother...

Willow looked up from her book as her youngest daughter toddled up to her lawn chair, the witch reclining with a novel while her youngest children played in the yard. The little girl looked near tears, her red ringlets bouncing as she ran. "Mommy, Mommy!"

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Willow put her book to the side and pulled the upset little one into her lap. "What happened?"

"Jack taked my doll!" She announced it as though it was a serious crime that her brother had perpetrated against her, sniffling as she waited for her mother to dispense justice.

Willow looked around the yard for any sign of the doll but could find nothing. "Jack," she called him over, the little boy blinking innocently up at her. "Jack, where is your sister's doll?"

"I dunno, Mommy. I didn't touch it," he answered, both hands crossed behind his back.

"You didn't?" She pinned him with a look and he shook his head. "Would you help her look for it, then, please?"

"I didn't take it!" Jack protested sullenly.

Shaking her head, Willow narrowed her eyes at him. "I'll find out if you did, but either way, I asked you to help her look for it," she pointedly reminded him. "Okay?" He nodded and Willow put a pouting Hope down.

They trotted back after a few minutes of rooting through the bushes and circling the big tree where their tire swing hung on one side and Faith's punching bag hung on the other. "Mommy, it's gone!" Hope yelped, obviously distraught and frustrated.

"Jack, do you know where it went?" Willow questioned.

"No, Mommy," answered the little boy, his feet shuffling through the grass.

"He diss-pered it!" Hope accused, pushing him.

Willow quickly knelt between them to separate them when Jack jumped forward to retaliate, holding the little boy at arm's length with a hand on his chest. "Hey! You do not push, Hope! You know better than that! And Jack, you never hit your sister."

"I didn't!" he protested loudly.

"Don't even act like you're going to!" Willow countered, giving him a sharp look so that he nodded sullenly.

"Mommy! Jack diss-pered my doll!" Hope repeated her accusation, pulling on Willow's sleeve to get her mother's attention.

The witch sighed, frowning. "Jack, do you know what she means? Where is the doll?"

"I don't know!" he insisted, clearly frustrated. "It disappeared!"

Willow blinked, looking around the yard again. "Disappeared? When you say 'disappeared' you mean…"

Jack shrugged, impatiently stomping a foot. "It was there and then it wasn't." He looked down at the ground. "I didn't mean to!"

Willow guided his head up with one hand, brows furrowed. "You didn't mean to? Has other stuff disappeared too?"

He nodded slowly, looking guilty. "I didn't mean to, though! It was all accidents!" His little face screwed up and he sniffled back tears. "Mommy, I tried to get the doll back but I don't know where it went!" he cried, lunging forward to bury his face in her shoulder, both arms wrapping around her neck.

Willow soothed him as he started to cry, hand rubbing his back gently. "Okay, bub, it's okay. You didn't do anything wrong, Jackie." She stood up, hooking an arm under his butt to carry him even though he was too big to be carried, and offered her other hand to Hope. "Show me where you were when the doll disappeared, okay?" she instructed, letting Hope pull her across the yard.

They stopped at the corner of the house and Willow could feel the remnants of magic in the air. It was untrained but powerful, and familiar. "Oh sweetheart," she murmured to herself, leaning her head against Jack's hair. "It's going to be okay." She knelt down slowly, guiding Jack into her lap as she sat down in the grass. "Jack, let me hold your hand," she requested, whispering into his ear.

His palm was sticky as he slipped his fingers through hers, but he picked up his head, struggling to stop sniffling. Willow gave him a reassuring wink. "There's my handsome man," she said softly, getting a small smile in response. "Want to see something cool?" she asked, raising her voice to a normal volume. Both children nodded and Willow closed her eyes to concentrate on following the feel of her son's magic. "Just watch," she coaxed them both, tracing the path of Jack's unconscious spell through the atmosphere.

She heard both of them gasp in surprise and delight, and she opened her eyes to find Hope's doll on top of a pile of random assorted junk from around the house. Just glancing at the pile, she spotted an old remote, one of Jack's toy cars, a few old rawhide bones that had belonged to their dog, and one of Faith's boots that the Slayer had been convinced a younger Slayer had accidentally made off with after a late training session.

"Oh Jack," Willow whispered, free hand pushing his hair back from his face.

He leaned his head back against her chest, blinking wide brown eyes at her. "I didn't mean to!"

Willow's response was superseded by Faith's arrival, the Slayer walking up to stand beside the seated Willow, her arms crossing her chest as she inspected the pile. "Are we having a yard sale of stuff no one will buy?" she questioned, frowning as she noticed the expression on her son's face. "What's wrong?"

Willow looked up at her, still combing her fingers comfortingly through Jack's hair. "We need to talk," she said seriously.

Faith wordlessly offered her a hand up, pulling the witch and the little boy in her arms up effortlessly. Jack, normally playful and outgoing, didn't say anything but just buried his face in his mother's shoulder.

Hope had retrieved her doll and tugged on Faith's hand, wanting to be carried like her brother. Faith obligingly picked her up, watching her partner walking Jack around to try and calm him down. "Will..."

"Shh," the witch hushed Faith and a hiccupping Jack at the same time.

Faith looked at the pile of junk in the yard, hoping it would give her a clue about what the hell was going on. "Is that my shoe?"

"Not yet," Willow whispered. "He's scared," she continued, sending the words straight into her wife's head. "He doesn't understand what he can do."

"'What he can do?' What can he do?" Faith questioned, growing anxious. "Will, where did this stuff come from?"

"He's been making it disappear."
Faith's eyes went wide and Willow shook her head to cut off her partner's further questions. "Jackie-boy, how about you and Hope each go get a popsicle and you can eat them and watch a cartoon."

"It's not dinner yet," Jack protested.

"Nevertheless," Willow countered, mussing his hair with a hand and drawing a smile from him. "I need to talk to Mama, so you two scoot."

They each put down their children and the two scrambled for the door, Willow pleased to see Jack hold the screen door for his sister. "Jack can make stuff disappear?" Faith demanded as soon as they were alone in the yard, crouching to pull her boot out of the pile of detritus. "All this stuff?"

"It seems so," Willow agreed, her arms crossing her chest. "He accidentally made Hope's doll disappear today and she said he took it."

Faith looked up at her, brows furrowed. "So, he's like you? With the magic stuff?"

"It seems so," the witch repeated. "Just in case we weren't sure he's my son."

"Yeah, right," Faith agreed distractedly. Her eyes skittered around the yard anxiously and the Slayer swallowed hard. "Do you think that might mean… Could Hope be like me?"

Willow crouched down at her side, hand resting soothingly on her wife's back. "Hope's not old enough to be a Slayer, sweetie." Faith didn't look convinced, just worriedly chewing on her bottom lip. The thought that her younger daughter could have inherited the Slayer birthright from her clearly had her unnerved. "Hope's not going to be old enough to be a Slayer for a few years yet." Willow watched her carefully. "And anyway, Dawn was made from Buffy and she's not a Slayer. We'll just have to wait and see what happens when she turns fifteen."

"Until then, I'll not be sleeping," Faith declared, sitting back on her heels. She huffed. "What are we going to do, Will?"

The witch sat down heavily beside her partner, staring at the pile of junk in the yard, one hand sorting through it idly. "I was looking for this earring," she mused, letting it rest in her cupped palm. "I thought I lost it."

"You don't lose things. But Jackie made it disappear with his magic?" asked Faith for clarification. "I don't like this, Willow. He's just a little kid!"

"He's smart."

"He's young," the Slayer countered. "He's too young. You weren't this young when you started using magic, were you?"

Willow shook her head. "No. I was sixteen, seventeen. But, Faith, he's been around it his whole life, even if he didn't know exactly what it was. It makes sense." Faith glared at her and the redhead frowned. "Don't look at me like this is my fault. He's your son too. Who's been teaching him to fight since he could walk?" Faith's expression begrudgingly relaxed and Willow sighed. "I'll just have to teach him to control it."

"You can do that, right?"

Willow gave her a narrow look. "You do remember how I spend my days, don't you? Honey, training witches is what I do."

Faith's nose wrinkled. "Is witch the right word? He's a dude."

Willow rolled her eyes, shoving her partner's shoulder. "Whatever. Warlock, wizard if you like. The fact remains that training magically inclined people is what I do with my life."

"How dangerous is this for him?" Faith asked, looking at the pile of magically pilfered items. "Can he hurt himself?"

Willow took a moment before she answered, Faith meeting her eyes. "He could but I don't think he has or he would have said something to us. Or at least to Joy. He said the disappearing has always been accidental. I think it probably just scared him and he didn't know how to explain so he didn't say anything so he couldn't get in trouble."

"It's not his fault! He wouldn't be in trouble!" Faith protested.

"I know that," Willow said, her voice quiet in an effort to calm her partner down. "But he's only nine. It's scary. We need to talk to him."

Faith nodded, swallowing. "You're the witch, though."

"But we're both his parents. He's scared of this."

"So what can I do about that?" questioned Faith, anxiously rubbing both hands over the tops of her thighs.

The redhead rolled her eyes again. "You're kidding me, right? You're his hero." Faith blinked, surprised. "Oh, please! You're all the kids' hero." She shook her head with a small smile. "You're my hero, too."

Faith looked pleased, proud of herself, and temporarily distracted by the likely possibility that their son was magical like Willow. "Thanks, Will," she said, grateful.

Willow's smile grew slowly. "I'll talk to him. You just have to let him sit in your lap. It'll make him feel safe."

"But this is scary, isn't it?" Faith asked, frown returning. "For him," she clarified.

"And for us, too," Willow reassured her. "We can be scared of this, sweetheart. He's going to have a lot to deal with from now on. But he's more than capable. He can do this."

Further conversation was delayed by the arrival of Joy and Sam, their hands clasped. "Hello, mothers," Joy greeted them cheerfully. "Is there a good reason you're sitting outside on the ground with a pile of crap?" she asked.

"Someone had a good date, I see," Faith countered, arching an eyebrow at the teens.

Joy grinned. "We sure did." She tossed the keys of her mother's Jeep back to her. "Thanks for the car. What's with all the junk? Hey, is that my old cell phone?" she asked, spotting it in the pile. "Where'd you find it?"

The Slayer and witch exchanged glances and Willow sighed. "Turns out that your brother has been making things disappear from around the house."

Joy frowned, shaking her head in denial. "Jackie wouldn't steal, Mom. You know that!"

"I don't mean he's been stealing. I mean that he's literally been making it disappear," Willow clarified.

Her oldest daughter's expression slacked in confusion and then tightened as she realized the truth. "Jack's a witch?"

Willow glanced sideways at Faith. "Ma would prefer we not say 'witch' because he's a boy, but, yes, it looks like he can use magic." She took a deep breath. "He's got a lot of power." There was a haunted look in her eyes and Joy frowned, eyes traveling between her parents. Willow shook herself out of her daze after a few seconds. "I'm going to help him," she stated reassuringly.

Joy looked sideways at Sam, both of their expressions serious. "Well, I wasn't expecting this when I said you should come over," she admitted, squeezing her girlfriend's hand. "I was figuring we'd watch a movie..."

"We need to talk to your brother, so actually..." Faith started.

Joy nodded. "Got it. We'll get out of the way."

"Bedroom doors stay open," the Slayer reminded them pointedly and Joy rolled her eyes.

"Ma, don't be gross. We'll bring Hope upstairs and play a game with her or something."

"That would be helpful, sweetie. Thank you," Willow said before Faith could say anything else to embarrass the teens. "Sorry Samantha. You know to ignore her by now, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am," Sam agreed dryly. She let Joy pull her away without speaking again.

Faith let them get to the door before she spoke up, "But seriously, girls, doors stay open."

"Ma!" Joy shot back over her shoulder.

"Faith," Willow chided at the same time. "Girls, have fun and ignore her."

"Not too mu-" Willow's hand over her mouth cut off the rest, and the teens retreated quickly.

Faith glared at her from behind the hand and the witch shook her head. "Stop it," she ordered. "They're good girls. And for crying out loud, Hope is going upstairs with them! They're not going to do anything, Faith!" She relaxed her hand, sitting back. "Jack's going to be okay. I would never let him become me."

"Hey!" Faith protested sharply. "You're his mother, Willow. There's no one better for him to be like."

Willow shook her head. "You never saw me like that - out of control. I wasn't even human, Faith. I was a monster." Her voice was low. "It can't ever happen again. To me or to him."

"It won't," the Slayer stated. "We're never going to let it happen." She heard Joy and Sam on the stairs inside and pushed herself up onto her feet. "Come on," she said, offering a hand to her wife. "The girls are upstairs. Jackie's going to be getting worried that he's in trouble the longer he's waiting by himself."

Willow let herself be led inside, Faith watching Jack from the kitchen for a moment before she moved to sit down beside him. "Hey bub," she greeted him, smiling.

"Mama, did Mommy tell you what I did?" he asked, his feet kicking as he leaned back, slouching on the couch. Faith nodded silently and he started chewing on his bottom lip. "Am I in trouble?"

"No," Faith answered him. "We do need to talk to you about what happened, though." She leaned back herself into the corner of the couch. "Will you sit here and talk with us?" He nodded, turning to lean back against his mother and letting her wrap an arm over his shoulder. "Thanks," she whispered into his hair.

Willow sat down next to them, her body angled toward the pair. "Do you understand what happened? How those things disappeared?" He looked conflicted, shaking his head so that messy brown curls fell in his face. "Okay," she soothed him. "It's okay. You know how I can make things disappear like that, come back, do whatever I want them to?" He nodded the second time. "Well, it looks like you can do it too."

"What's that mean?" he asked after a long moment of consideration.

"It's means you're special, like Mom. You can do things like she can," Faith told him, looking up over his head to meet Willow's eyes.

"How? I never meant to disappear things. It just happens."

Willow nodded. "I know. I can teach you to control it." She swallowed hard. "It's important that I teach you to control it."

"Why?" His frown was confused.

"Because it's strong," Willow told him. "You know how Mama taught you how to fight?" He nodded dutifully, leaning back to look up at his brunette parent. "But she taught you never to hurt someone deliberately."

"Look after Hope and Joy," he recited his mother's most important lesson. "But never start a fight. I could hurt somebody."

Willow nodded. "Exactly. The magic is the same way. If you don't learn how to control it, you can hurt someone. You could hurt yourself or your sisters without meaning to."

His face got serious and he bit his lip. "I don't want to hurt anybody."

"You won't," Faith whispered, patting his chest soothingly. "Mom's going to teach you." She leaned over to give him a coaxing smile. "And hey, you'll be able to do lots of cool things. It's not all scary like we're making it sound."

"No, it's not bad," Willow agreed, shaking her head. "I'm not trying to scare you, bubba. Okay?" He nodded quietly, but still looked serious and intense. "Here, I'll show you," she offered, holding one hand out to him. He matched his palm against hers and they were nearly the same size. "Can you feel that?" she asked, extending a tendril of her own magic to touch his.

His eyes widened and a sudden grin split his face. "Cool," he whispered, looking up at Faith for a reaction. She gave him a wink and encouraging smile. "Is that all?"

Willow shook her head, smiling at his excitement. "No way." Her eyes searched for a suitable target. "Concentrate on the lamp," she suggested, gesturing with her head.

His eyes bugged even further as the lamp floated up, not noticing that Willow's hand had withdrawn from his, leaving him doing it on his own. As soon as he realized that he was responsible for the flying lamp, it dropped sharply, Willow catching it easily.

"How'd I do that?" Jack asked, leaning forward eagerly.

"It's magic," answered Willow, proudly smiling. "That's just the beginning, though. I can teach you so much more than just that." She reached forward to tousle his hair. "But we have to be careful. You understand? It would be dangerous if you couldn't control it." She knew precisely how it felt to surrender control to the magic and was determined that her son never would.

Jack sobered, nodding. "Okay. What do I gotta do?"

Willow thoughtfully considered him. "Well, to start with, how about I teach you how to bring back things you disappear?" she suggested.

He grinned again, recognizing that he was being teased. "Cool."

Faith watched Willow coach him through harnessing his magic, beginning to learn to use the power at his control. The redhead really was a gifted teacher, guiding without pushing and making suggestions without condescension. Once it was clear that the pair had things well in hand and no longer even noticed her presence or absence, the Slayer rose soundlessly from the couch, padding upstairs to check on the girls.

Joy, Sam, and Hope were all piled in the middle of the floor of Joy's room, the door opened wide, which drew a smile from the Slayer. The room was dark but she could see Joy's face in the glow from the television. "Hey," Faith greeted her daughter, her voice low as she noticed the Sam was asleep, her head pillowed on Joy's stomach. In turn, Hope was using her sister's girlfriend as a pillow herself, though she was still awake and watching the movie.

"Is Jackie okay?" Joy asked, care for her little brother obvious in her tone.

Faith nodded, leaning in the doorway with her arms crossed. "Mom's going to teach him to control it. He's going to be fine."

"He's not going to join her class or anything, is he?"

"Mom said he's strong, but I don't think he'll be ready for that anytime soon," Faith mused. "Of course, Mom's the most powerful witch out there so there's no telling how fast he'll pick up on it."

Joy frowned. "Are you worried?"

Blinking, Faith released a deep breath. "Trying not to. I've always - the magic is a bit out of my depth. That's Mom's area. And it really messed her up a long time ago."

"After Tara died?"

"Yeah," Faith answered hoarsely. "Now, with Jack... I think she's scared, a little. She teaches all these other witches but it's - it wasn't you or your brother or sister."

Joy nodded her head. "It's personal," she said. "It's Jack." She considered her mother from across the room. "Was it different for you to teach us to fight than the Slayer girls?"

"Hell yes!" Joy smirked. "The girls are kids. You're my kids. It's a big difference. They bleed, I tell them to suck it up, get back on their feet. One of you bleeds and..."

"You still told us to suck it up and get back on our feet," Joy pointed out with a quiet chuckle.

"Well, yeah, but one of them bleeding doesn't make my chest feel like it's going to explode," countered the Slayer. She nodded resolutely. "Your mom knows what she's doing, though. Jack's going to be fine." Joy gave her a reassuring smile and the elder brunette cleared her throat gruffly. "So, where'd you and Sam go on your date?"

Joy rolled her eyes at the rather obvious subject change, but obliged it for her mother's sake. "Mark had a game tonight."

"You guys make out under the bleachers?" Faith teased with a smirk and Joy rolled her eyes.

"You're hilarious. Really." Faith winked and Joy smirked herself. "And what if we did? I told you it was a good date!" Faith's expression froze and the teen couldn't hold her back her own laughter. "You're too easy, Mama."

Faith huffed. "You're hilarious. Really," she echoed flatly. "And you were raised to be polite."

"I can be very polite under the bleachers, Ma," Joy joked, wiggling her eyebrows as she curled an arm around Sam's back. "It gets cold under there and I'll give her my jacket, my shirt, whatever..."

"You're about to be very grounded," the Slayer warned.

"Oh, come on! You know I'm just messing with you. You really make it too easy. No means no and all that," she said with a roll of her eyes. "Not that I hear 'no' that often," she couldn't help teasing. "So easy!" she sing-songed when Faith's eyes narrowed and the Slayer started grumbling under her breath. "And not to push my luck, but could Sam spend the night?"

Faith nodded immediately. Teasing was one thing, but their doors were always opened to Joy's friends. "Of course. Anything wrong?"

Joy sighed, one hand combing through her sleeping girlfriend's hair. "She's starting to get a little cold or something, but her mom's just starting a new round of chemo so she can't be around germs. You don't care if she sleeps here, do you?"

"Of course not," Faith stated. "You'll make up the couch?"

Joy sighed again but nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"Good girl."

"Thank you."

Faith's head bobbed resolutely. "Sure thing, Joy-rider."

They both heard the clatter of breaking glass suddenly, Faith tensing to move instinctively, and Joy sitting up. "What's up?" Sam asked, roused from sleep and lifting her head.

"You're sleeping in my bed tonight," Joy answered quickly, unable to resist teasing her mother once more. Faith sent her a look over her shoulder and cleared her throat warningly as she moved toward the stairs. "And I'll be on the couch, of course," she added. "Jeez, Ma!" There was a fond smile on her face, though.

Leaving the teens to discuss their sleeping arrangements, Faith went back downstairs to find Jack looking disappointed and upset, Willow on her knees in front of him. There was a broken picture frame on the ground beside them. "It's okay, bubba. It was just an accident. Those are going to happen," she encouraged him. "It's fine."

As she spoke, though, Faith noticed the slow drip of blood off her partner's elbow. "Um, Will..." She kept her tone level so she wouldn't scare the little boy further. "Where's the..."

"Shoulder," Willow answered, her teeth gritted. "Could you get me a towel, please?"

Faith jumped to act, collecting a dishrag that had been used as a blood rag on many other occasions. She grimaced at the growing trails of blood on the witch's shirt and she handed the towel over. "I hurt Mommy," Jack confessed to her sadly, his shoe scuffing against the floor.

"It was an accident," Willow firmly corrected him. "I'm fine. The glass broke and it scared you. You didn't mean to hurt me. You're doing so good, Jack." One hand slid down his arm and guided his hand to her injured shoulder. He resisted slightly, obviously scared to make it worse. "Trust me. You're not going to hurt me."

Faith watched with crossed arms, not letting herself flinch in an effort to calm Jack down. "Mom's tough, big guy."

"Just concentrate," coached Willow. "See if you can feel what I'm doing." The steady drip of blood slowed and Jack watched with wide eyes. "You feel that? Feel how it's healing?" He nodded and Willow's thumb rubbed his cheek soothingly. "See? I'm fine." She let out a deep breath and he lowered his hand. "How about we call it a night? I can teach you more tomorrow."

He ran off to join his sisters without a word and Willow slumped onto her heels as he disappeared. "You really okay?" Faith questioned, frowning.

"Help me up," Willow requested, letting Faith's strong hands guide her into a chair at the table. "We're going to need tweezers. And alcohol."

Faith retrieved the supplies, both rubbing alcohol and two beers, and joined the witch at the table. "What do you want me to do?"

Willow popped the top on her beer immediately and took a long pull. "There's glass shards in my shoulder. I need you to get them out."

"Shit." Faith frowned, giving her a look. "You didn't really heal yourself with glass in there, did you?"

"Just in a few spots," Willow said with a one-armed shrug. "He was scared and I needed to make him feel better."

"Shit, Will," the Slayer repeated her expletive as the redhead slipped her injured arm out of her shirt to let Faith be able to work more easily. "That's pretty badass."

Willow took another sip of her drink, smirking weakly. "I gotta keep up with you somehow. Now, can we please do something about the pieces of glass in my shoulder?"

Faith nodded, hand gingerly turning Willow so that she could see better in the light. "What about the ones you closed up?" Willow answered nonverbally, the few cuts she'd healed reopening slowly and drawing a breathless groan of pain from the witch. "Hey! Stop that!"

"Better than getting infected," Willow reasoned, drawing in a deep breath and taking another drink. She nodded her head toward her shoulder when Faith hesitated. "Have at it," she offered. The Slayer still looked reluctant and Willow sighed. "Faith, it's okay."

Brown eyes were conflicted. "It's going to hurt."

"You're not hurting me. I know the difference, Faith." The Slayer frowned, not pleased with the distinction. "It's not like I've never dug things out of you," Willow reminded her.

"I don't see how you do it," Faith complained. "I don't want to do this!"

Willow scoffed lightly. "It's sweet, babe, really, but it hurts, and yes, you digging around in there is going to hurt worse, but it'll make it feel better ultimately. So get in there."

Faith glared petulantly and reached for her beer, draining half the bottle before she picked up the tweezers. She was muttering under her breath as she started, flinching every time that Willow gasped or groaned. A few of the larger pieces made her grimace in sympathy, dropping the shards onto the bloody rag. She gingerly probed the injuries for any remnants of glass left in the wound, relieved when Willow didn't flinch.

"Thank you, sweetie," the witch said gratefully, letting Faith press a flat gauze pad over the slowly bleeding cuts. "You know, it really is kind of cute how you'll sit there and not make a peep when I'm pulling glass and metal and wood out of giant holes in your body, but you can't stop twitching when you're pulling itty bits of glass out of me."

"Shut up," Faith told her, eyes narrowing. "I don't want to ever have to do that again!"

Shaking her head, Willow smiled. "Jack didn't mean to." She trailed a hand over Faith's face gently, smoothing the furrows in her brow. "He dropped the picture and when it shattered, he tried to catch it and the glass just kind of shot out."

"I know he didn't mean to, babe. I just really hate you being hurt, Will."

Willow laughed, leaning up to kiss her cheek softly. "Well, Jack is going to be really good eventually, but when we have another accident..."

"Oh, you better tell me or I'll kick your ass," Faith warned her sternly. She dropped to sit on the edge of the table next to Willow as the witch tucked her arm back into her shirt. "How'd it go?"

Willow leaned over to put her head on Faith's knee, the Slayer combing her fingers through red hair without thought. "He's freaked out, naturally, but he's good. He's picking it up quickly." She breathed deeply. "He's going to be powerful."

Faith was quiet, still stroking her partner's hair gently. "It scares you, doesn't it? That he might be as strong as you are?"

"It terrifies me," Willow confirmed. "I wrecked myself, Faith. I cannot watch it happen to our son."

"He's a good boy, Will. And he's got you looking out for him. He's going to be fine, babe," Faith promised, her other hand rubbing the witch's back. "I don't think we need to be scared that he's going to turn into some super powerful wizard anytime soon. For now, let's concentrate on the stuff that won't drive us crazy."

"Such as?"

Faith shrugged, grinning. "How about making sure our son doesn't use his spanking new magic to become overlord of the middle school?"

The mental image that popped into her head made Willow laugh and she hugged her good arm around Faith's calf. "We'll deal with what's in front of us."

"Right. And we'll all be fine."

Date: 2011-10-31 03:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ladycallie.livejournal.com
Today was kind of cruddy and this was a welcome pick me up. Thank you. Adorable chapter... I love the mommy worry, it's darling. Protective Faith and Willow working her magic.... love it all!

Date: 2011-10-31 03:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] leonhart-17.livejournal.com
Aww, well I'm sorry that your day was cruddy! I hope today is better! (at least there might be some candy, right?) Protective Faith is a lot of fun... I'm so glad you liked it! :) Happy Halloween!


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